Mini Easter Fudge Cakes

Mini Easter Fudge Cakes
These pretty little nests of fudge are easy to whip up in the microwave and make the perfect vessel for just about any sweet Easter treat you can imagine.
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  1. 100g butter
  2. 100g soft brown sugar
  3. 100g plain chocolate
  4. 50ml hot water
  5. 1 medium egg
  6. ½ tsp vanilla extract
  7. 125g self-raising flour
  9. Icing:
  10. 100g plain chocolate
  11. 50ml double cream (room temperature, not fridge-cold)
  12. 25g icing sugar
  1. Pre-heat the oven on CONVECTION 160 C.
  2. Place mini cake cases into cake tins.
  3. Melt the butter, sugar, chocolate and the 50ml of hot water in the microwave on high microwave for 2 minutes.
  4. Set aside to cool.
  5. Stir the egg and vanilla extract in to the cooled chocolate mixture.
  6. Once combined stir the chocolate mixture in to the flour until smooth.
  7. Spoon the blended ingredients in to the cases and cook on convection 160 C for 18 for mini cakes or 20 minutes for larger cakes.
  8. For the icing melt the chocolate on high microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  9. Stir in the double cream at room temperature, followed by the icing sugar.
  10. Once the mix is spreadable, top each cake and decorate with your choice of sprinkles and sweets or mini Easter eggs.
  1. Makes 24 mini cakes or 12 larger cakes.
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